Saturday, August 1, 2009

Your first task

Dear students,
As you have successfully created your blog, your first task is to write anything that you would like to share about about yourself.


criestz said...

should we share about ourself to others??

it's good to people know bout u ??

better let it sicret for public

unless they are exist in ur life..

kan miss syaz kan kan..

ejam said...

i agree wit u..heheheh

criestz said...

yah gud ejam..
gud gud gudnite =P

Baby Ina.... said...

rite2!!!totally rite miss..hee..but my bf is more hardworking rather than me..huhu..why3???????

criestz said...

ala amalina..
miss.. ur girls student always agree with u..
so we have no fun lor.. =P