Sunday, July 5, 2009

For you to reflect on

Those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.


criestz said...

but wh0 is learn a less0n fr0m hist0ry will create a new hist0ry..
if a go0d lesson its ok but if n0t..

run f0r ur life..(where i dunn0)

m i rite miss syaz ?? =P

Miss Syaz said...

It depends on how you reflect it..

is5448 said...

miss, how are u now??? hope always hepi...

Miss Syaz said...

I'm fine, thank you.What about you? Hope you're doing fine too.

criestz said...

ala miss..
sbjct history is sooo bowink..
n always hve an 'israelism' in de history..
hate history sbjct..

but ma history teacher is sooo cute !!!
yah i like hist0ry... gaaa~

Fiffa said...

yeah. so true. it's obvious. like, 'repeat paper'..hehs..